Dear Friend,

Join our "Chai Club" today and help us continue our vital work providing a home for Jewish University Students.

Please note that all services and programs are open to all Jewish Uni Students regardless of membership and most are free of charge. However, the services we provide do have their costs.

In Hebrew, the word CHAI, meaning Life has a numerical value of 18. Our goal is to accumulate multiple units of $18 in monthly donations to ensure our community's long term survival and growth.

As a Chai Club member, you will be informed of the fund's continued progress so together we can see the fruits of your participation and labor.


For more information about the "Chai Club", please contact [email protected]

Chai Club Student Member Benefits:

$18 a month - complimentary entry to all Chabad Campus events.

$36+ a month - complimentary entry to all Chabad Campus events.

                          - complimentary Chabad Campus swag.

Giving has been made simple and easy. You may make your monthly donation via credit card or bank transfer.  You may also choose to wrap the 12 monthly donations into one annual donation, just indicate your preference below. To become a Chai Club partner, please click the link below: 

Chai Member Form